Boldenone: concept, application, pros, purchase

Boldenone is also known as Boldenone Undecylenate, Boldenona-E and Equipoise. Produced under ten major brands.

This is a rather specific drug that is difficult to encounter in everyday life.

Concept and application

Boldenone is an anabolic agent. It was developed in the USA, and was originally used in veterinary medicine as a medicine for horses and cattle. But its benefits were quickly appreciated by athletes.

In fact, the drug is a suspension. Its basis is oils and a solvent similar to benzyl alcohol. The active ingredients are undecylenate ester and boldenone hormone. The suspension is administered intramuscularly, which is why it is also known as boldenone injection.

Boldenone is incredibly popular among professional athletes, bodybuilders, bodybuilders as an alternative to nandrolone decaonate. It is used both for drying and during weight gain. The steroid gives a good increase in muscle mass, pumps endurance by saturating the muscles with nitrogen. Recovery after training is faster, because there are more red blood cells in the blood. Improves overall performance.

In general, boldenone is a very powerful and effective remedy. It must be applied with caution. It is better to consult a doctor or at least a trainer before taking it so that there are no undesirable effects. Although there are no such strong side effects as nandrolone decaonate, the drug is devoid of, and is considered safer.

Boldenone is intended for men. Its use is not recommended for women.

Pros and purchase

Boldenone is really fast muscle growth. The drug is intended for men who are fond of intense training. However, if you just want a beautiful figure, the tool will help. Boldenone is versatile, which makes it especially popular.

The drug increases appetite. Is it a plus for an athlete? Definitely, because to maintain energy at a sufficient level, fast recovery and effective muscle growth, you need a lot of building material.

You can buy the drug in the Muscle Shop. It has many advantages of its own. The main one is high quality. You will not get a counterfeit or ineffective generic under the auspices of boldenone. Only a reliable and original steroid that has passed all the necessary tests. The prices are affordable though.

Service is top notch. The support team will help you choose the drug and fully accompany the purchase. However, the acquisition procedure is extremely simple. And completely safe. You do not want your personal data to fall into the hands of scammers, do you?


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