Ways and Tips for Writing Comments on Instagram

Comments on Instagram are a common method of communication among users, allowing you to meet and communicate with people of interest.

With the help of comments, you can compliment friends and objects of sympathy, discuss topics of interest to you, engage in Internet battles and compete in the skill of a humorist. If you want to impress the recipient of the comment, but you are unable to come up with something impressive enough, you can look for a suitable option on the Internet. In the event that you yourself need comments under the photos, you can buy them, and you can buy both compliments from domestic users and foreign ones — for this it is enough to translate the request into English and enter instagram buy comments.

How to write a beautiful Instagram comment

There are a few basic rules you can follow to write a good comment.:

  • express your thoughts briefly — the days of long letters are long gone, in our times the principle operates: brevity is the sister of talent. One or two sentences will be enough;
  • write correctly — if you have any doubts about the correct spelling of certain words or the placement of punctuation marks, it is better to first check the spelling in a reference book or on the Internet. And, of course, watch out for what changes T9 makes: sometimes he can give out such gems that comments take on new meaning;
  • write the same way as you would in real life — no need to use high-flown phrases or use hackneyed patterns: a comment like: “how good you look” will be perceived better than “you are extraordinarily good, but of course you know about it without my reminder — I just could not remain silent. » Such phrases can be used only as a post-irony and only with those who will definitely understand it.;
  • before submitting, read what has been written to make sure that there are no errors and that you can understand what you are thinking;
  • use emoticons — communication on social networks does not always make it possible to understand what specific meaning you put into what you wrote; to clarify the situation, use emoticons: provide your comment with cute emoticons — and the addressee will definitely be satisfied;
  • if a post is attached to the photo, mention in your comment what the post is about: this will demonstrate your attention to the addressee and help to start a dialogue, do not be afraid to joke and ask questions.


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