Which apartment to choose in Cyprus and design features

In sunny Cyprus you can buy not only a cottage or a villa. Your own apartment is an excellent choice for those who do not want to part with city amenities.

You can also rent it out and receive passive income. MySpace real estate agency is ready to help you find a beautiful, functional and affordable apartment in any area of the island.

How to choose an apartment

The first thing to decide is the location. Study the features of different cities: level of development, cost of living, proximity to the coast. Explore a specific location: proximity to parks, attractions, transport interchanges, coastline. If you want real estate on the seashore, remember: you will have to pay more for it.

Point number two is the budget. Apartments in Cyprus belong to different price categories. Decide right away whether you are looking for modest, luxury or standard housing. You also need to take into account the desired size: the larger the apartment, the more expensive it will be.

The third point is individual criteria: proximity to the school, availability of clean finishes and furnishings. Think about what is important to you. Here you should decide: are you buying real estate for yourself or for investment? Because places that are attractive for living and renting often turn out to be different.

A check will help you make the final choice. It is better to inspect the apartment in person, with the help of a professional realtor, or even a technical supervisor with a translator. Look into all corners, photograph disputed areas, measure all parameters. But this is only half the test. For the second part you will need a lawyer working in the Cyprus real estate market. He will appreciate the attractiveness and cleanliness of the apartment from a legal point of view.


Buying an apartment with the help of an agency is not difficult. Attractive properties for sale in Cyprus appear constantly. Book the most attractive property — or two or three — and make the final choice a little later. Draw up a purchase and sale agreement with a lawyer, obtain permission to purchase from the Council of Ministers, open an account in Cyprus. Sign the contract and pay for the transaction — including the cost of reservation, tax and stamp duty. All that remains is to register the object. Registration takes place in several steps, but with a reliable real estate agency it is not difficult.

The end of all work is a certificate of real estate registration. As soon as you receive it, you become the full owner of an apartment in Cyprus. You can settle in!


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