Organizing a wedding in Georgia: what you need to know and tips

In wedding tourism, Georgia is considered the most popular destination today. What attracts couples in love in this country?

Why does Georgia become the ideal place to unite loving hearts in marriage? It is worth learning more about organizing a wedding on the in order to appreciate all the advantages of holding a wedding in this mysterious country.


There are many reasons in favor of holding a wedding in Georgia:

  1. First of all, weddings in Georgia are beautiful. Such a number of stunning landscapes can hardly be found in any other country. There are a lot of options for wedding venues: mountains, sea coast, vineyards, authentic city landscape, etc.
  2. In Georgia, the marriage procedure for foreigners has been significantly simplified. Here people do not have to waste precious time due to bureaucratic delays, stand in long lines, or collect a package of documents. The only documents the newlyweds will need are their international passports. Also in Georgia they practice the so-called “instant wedding”: the couple comes to the house of justice and gets married without a celebration.

Georgian cuisine is considered one of the best in the world. Many traditional meat dishes, local cheeses and wines, aromatic spices, a variety of vegetables and fruits, a huge assortment of baked goods for every taste, including the famous khachapuri with cheese. All this will form the basis for a wonderful wedding feast.

The cost of many services in Georgia is much lower than in other countries. Quality food and wine are relatively inexpensive in this country.

The unique, incomparable fairy-tale atmosphere of a Georgian wedding attracts lovers. Wedding traditions and rituals are still strong in Georgia, which will make the event unique.

The Georgian people are very hospitable and friendly. In this country you can count on a warm welcome everywhere.

In terms of security in the country, Georgia is one of the world leaders. Therefore, the newlyweds do not have to fear for the safety of themselves or their guests.


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