Shavkat Mirziyoyev and a description of his activities

People throughout their lives are interested in outstanding personalities. The outstanding Uzbek political figure Shavkat Mirziyoyev was no exception.


The currently famous shavkat mirziyoyev was born in 1957. This happened in the Bakhmal region of the Uzbek SSR. His mother worked as a nurse. She died very early because she contracted bone tuberculosis in a medical facility. As for my father, he was the head of a tuberculosis dispensary for a long time.

Carier start

In order to receive an appropriate higher education, he entered one of the Tashkent universities. It was here that he received his specialty as a mechanical engineer. As soon as the person received the appropriate education, he decided not to return home. Thanks to the fact that he had the appropriate abilities and good training, he first became a researcher. Over time, he was awarded the degree of Candidate of Technical Sciences.
The beginning of a political career is joining the relevant Communist Party. He was re-elected several times.

Independence of Uzbekistan and political career

This man’s political career did not end even when Uzbekistan gained independence. For some time he remained a deputy. After a while, he became the head of the administration of one of the districts of Tashkent. Thanks to the fact that he took a responsible approach to his work, he was eventually appointed governor. At the same time, he controlled the work of agriculture in one of the regions of Uzbekistan.

Shavkat’s activities were noted by many. That is why he was appointed responsible not only for agriculture, but also for the industrial sector. All these actions allowed him to eventually become prime minister. He held this position for 13 years. During this period he obtained quite good results.

In 2016, when the first president died, Shavkat was allowed to actively participate in the main presidential elections. Since this man had considerable experience, as well as appropriate education, he was allowed to participate in the elections. And initially he was appointed acting. After this, he was legally elected president. By the way, this person was able to score about 88%. This was quite a lot for a candidate. By the way, the turnout was high.


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