Penetration Testing Service Provider: what it is and main characteristics

Any computer system must be protected from external influences. Searching for vulnerabilities is one of the reliability testing measures.

These actions must be carried out regularly to avoid a breach of protection and to protect information from theft and destruction. For this purpose, Penetration Testing Service Provider is offered.

Basic pentest parameters

This term refers to a process that simulates a hacker attack on computer, server or cloud resources. Pentest Service uses the same techniques and technologies that attackers use, so thanks to its implementation, it is possible to detect security holes that will open entry into the system.

To carry out this process, three main technologies are used that allow you to check the protection in a comprehensive manner, examining internal and external options for possible problems. Cloud Pentest is also carried out if a company or organization uses cloud services to store data or organize interaction between employees.

The following verification methods exist:

  1. Black box or Black Box, when only the name of the organization and website address are provided. All other information is revealed by testers independently. This technique is similar to the actions of hackers; it allows you to organize an overview of vulnerabilities from the outside.
  2. White Box or White Box is the opposite technique. Testers receive all the information and conduct a thorough study of vulnerabilities, knowing a significant amount of information. This option is more comprehensive; it allows you to clarify the presence of vulnerabilities, but does not take into account the actions of real attackers.
  3. Gray box or Gray box combines the advantages of the previous two.

In addition to assessing the external security perimeter, CQR conducts internal testing related to people and devices of the organization itself.

Features of the procedure

To conduct testing, an agreement is concluded, which specifies the terms and conditions of the pentest, determines the volume and cost. Based on the agreement, testing is carried out on the specified date and all vulnerabilities are identified.

At the end of the process, a report is drawn up indicating problem areas and measures that need to be taken to close all vulnerabilities.

This type of work makes it possible to quickly identify the weakest areas, eliminate deficiencies in a short time, and secure the system from hacker attacks of any type.


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